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The Emergency Kit You Need To Ensure Your Bike Is Coming Home…

Your Bike Breaks Down. Now What?

If you’re a mountain biker, chances are you’ve gotten a handful of flat tires, broken rims, and other crazy stories out in the wild. Not to mention, the disappointing trek where you have to carry your bike back to your rig.

Private Property

Some trails cross private property and are subject to deed restrictions, which prohibit vehicular travel of any kind!

Wasting Time

If you’ve ever had to carry before, you know that it takes 10x longer to travel which is just a pain!

Tired Arms & Hands

Bikes aren’t exactly the most carry-friendly, which makes it extra awkward to try and find a comfortable position for long treks…

I’ve Been There!

Being an avid biker, I too have had to carry my bike a plentiful amount through a variety of painful situations out in the wild.

However, You Don’t have to anymore…

Bridging The Gap

One day I saw on social media a friend broke his bike while riding it and ended up carrying it about 6 miles down the mountain to safety!

man riding a mountain bike
mountain biker

Landon Cheatham

Hi, I’m Landon! An avid mountain biker, inventor, and entrepreneur. After reading about my friend’s horrific experience where he ended up getting hurt because his hands were too busy carrying the bike, I figured there had to be a better way!

Whether it was to carry your bike home when crossing forbidden paths, or even in my friend’s case when trouble arose, there just had to be something out there. There wasn’t though! It wasn’t too long after my wife and I, along with a close friend, built a dependable and compact product,  getting a bike on your back in five minutes or less! 

What Life Could Be Like

mountain biker who made it back to the car

Gnarly No More

The difficult trek home is as easy as a walk in the park. Literally, just throw it on your back and start walking with hands and arm relief!

mountain biker who made it back to friends

Rad Riding

Always expecting a good ride without any hiccups is a disaster waiting to happen. So be prepared if riding back isn’t an option…

mountain biker back on the trail

The True Kicker

Our Straps are what every biker wants and are just as desirable as the loose, dry dirt that has the grip to create fresh roost. 

Product Details

rescue straps

Most Reliable & Compact Investment Every Biker Needs!

The Rescue Straps are the best available product on the market to ensure your bike is coming home no matter the malfunction that happens on the trails.

In Five easy steps, you can secure the wheels, connect the straps and harness to your bike, stand your bike up, throw it on your back and you’re ready to go!

What’s Included

Each Kit comes with shoulder straps, a chest harness, and tire/wheel straps to keep your wheels stationary and secure. This product is designed to make carrying your bike easy and convenient, so you can get where you need to go even when your bike isn’t functioning properly. The best part is that it only weighs 0.5lbs, and is easily compact so it’s not a burden to carry around with you.

Risk FREE Investment

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Knowing that we have a 30-day guarantee allows you to take comfort in knowing that you can return your straps for any reason within that time period!


Don’t Bail On This!

The only reason to bail is to avoid a more serious crash. Otherwise, you FULL SEND IT!

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind and unique product that will make the disappointing trek home while you carry your bike back to your rig much more enjoyable. Hit the button below to get yours today!

Get Yours For $34.99


These straps will be well worth the investment on your next fiasco going down the mountain. 


Take it anywhere with the minimal size, weight, and convenience of the product’s packaging.

Easy To Use

They’re easy to use and provide the relief your arms will thank you for when trouble strikes!

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